Our Advantages

Fiduciary responsibilities are complex and delicate. Putting those responsibilities and worries in the hands of our experienced team allows you to rest easy knowing your affairs will be expertly handled. We can act as the executor and trustee of your legacy. From estate planning to philanthropic advising, we work to realize your vision for an estate plan.

Strength in Complexity

We thrive on complexity and can deal with your operating companies, holding companies, assets and beneficiaries in foreign jurisdictions, as well as complex family dynamics.


Because we are not money managers, we are flexible to deal with the types of assets you hold. Have a business?  Have a legacy piece of real estate?  Unlike banks, we won’t sell assets important to you just to place them in an investment account.


We collaborate with, rather than replace, your service advisors. Our clients value their long-term service advisor relationships and we recognize the unique history and perspective these advisors bring.


Our expertise in both trust and family office solutions means we are versatile and able to make quick decisions as a team.


Our team members have built, ran or sold businesses for ourselves or others. Our first-hand experience as entrepreneurs means we understand the unique position business owners are in when planning their legacy.