The team at CrossonVoyer Trust Company has two exciting announcements!

First, we have a new name!  Effective immediately, we are now CV TrustCo Inc.  We’re keeping the CV in our name as recognition of our founders, Ron Voyer and Richard Crosson.  Our website, email addresses and all other contact details will remain the same.

Second, we have two new Principals and Shareholders – Sarah McGrath and Steve Ivacko!  Our new Principals will play a key role in CV TrustCo’s plan for growth, success, and continuity.  Ron Voyer as President thanks Richard Crosson for helping CV TrustCo get to where it is today, for his continued support, and for being a valuable sounding board.


We thank our professional relationships and clients for their strong support and trust in us, to allow us the opportunity to make this significant step forward in the continued success of CV TrustCo.


Oh, and we have a new logo…