We guide your family through setting and reaching philanthropic goals that take your family values and interests into consideration. From a bespoke private foundation, public foundation, or a donor advised fund, we can help navigate your philanthropic undertakings in a strategic way, and not just when someone calls asking for a donation.


We design a philanthropic plan tailored to you and your family, whether you are everything in five years or leaving an 80+ year legacy. We also craft gifting policies for family foundations (private or Donor Advised Fund) and provide due diligence on potential recipients on a private, no-name basis.


We administer private foundations including bookkeeping, paperwork, resolutions, CRA returns, etc. for or a flat annual fee.


As members of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP), we are plugged in to the charitable sector and many other professionals in the charitable field. We have facilitated millions of dollars in donations to various charities; from local grassroots organizations, through to national charities, as well as hospitals and educational institutions.

We believe philanthropy is an excellent tool to assist in your heirs’ financial literacy education and social responsibility and can facilitate their education.